Monday, October 20, 2008

A look at the character of Katerina!

Evil ones beware! The fearless Katerina is here to retrieve the life she once knew and lost, and finally take down the evil Mortar. With her mighty strength and incredible endurance she’ll finally restore good to the planet Krokus. When Katerina was left to die the cunning fox Puck saved her life, healing all wounds and making her stronger than ever. Now she’s as strong as thirty men and can run for hours at a time. Exhaustion hardly touches her and even the strongest of her enemies finds it hard to win a fight against her. Also, thanks to Puck, she is invincible! The single red crystal around her neck is her life crystal. It shines red and grows hot every time Kat is most powerful. Her life is protected as long as nothing happens to the crystal which she keeps close and protected at all times. And of course, her undying devotion to her friends and family is not to be forgotten. After the evil Mortar destroys her home and turns her best friend, Brilen, to the dark side her desire to avenge her loved ones grows to the highest peak within sanity. Kat it determined to see the downfall of the one who ruined life for her as she knew it. With all her wonderful traits and with the help of Puck, Katerina hopes to defeat the dark side and bring back hope to the planet Krokus.

What do I think of Sci-Fi?

Personally I believe science fiction is kind of dumb. The thing about sci-fi is that people then to believe it way to much. For example, the whole 'aliens in outer space deal. Oh please people get real. Don't you think that if there really were aliens that wanted to destroy us they already would have? Now don't get me wrong, some of the sci-fi stuff is actually OK. I thought the whole concept of I-robot was pretty fascinating. Really it's the stupid alien invasion stuff that gets me. Also, since we're on the subject, I think sci-fi is better portrayed in action rather than in writing. I get bored easily with the books but put it all in a movie and I'm like "Wow!".