Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite Techie Tool

I have a couple of favorite "techie" tools that we use around school.

The first is the computer. I really enjoy the computer because this is where the world wide web resides. The internet really helps out in class when doing research on certain topics, blogging in english class, or just to pass the time when given free time.

Next I really like the smart board. In one of my classes my teacher uses the smart board to draw up problems and equations. The smart board has a number of different symbols and shapes already programmed into it so messed up pictures on a regular board are no longer needed. I find this very helpful, and ofcourse this would not even work right without the aforementioned computer!

My last favorite is a very simple tool. Most do not really think much of the electric pencil sharpener (EPS) but I do. This wonderful device saves so much time when a pencil is in need of being sharpened. Oh! Not only is the EPS faster but it is also quieter! A 2-in-1!

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